MensXP | Write India Shorts | Just Another Love Story Ft. Prapti Elizabeth & Gaurav Bansal

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 22 ਅਗਸਤ 2019
Love transcends religion.
As part of our web series Write India Shorts, we converted 3 short stories into film. Enjoy...
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  • 11:20 english mein kon rota h😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hello lovely Indians, a very serious question needs a very honest reply. How easy it is for Indians to marry inter-cast marriage than inter-faith? Are they treated same and accepted peacefuly? Much respect from accross the LoC.

  • Mai to apni beti ki shadi kabhi v nahi krunga ek muslim family me baaki kisi v community me kr dunga but muslim Family nahi

  • You are only distracting the society, you are making people learn to just go against their parents

  • A story start with MW -> HM and actual as always HW -> MM... In deep down they actually do the same thing

  • Jo ladka yaa ladki apne parents ko dekho de skte hain, woh kisi ko bhi dhoka de skte hain... beware... luv is nothing but infatuation... but family is real.

  • Dmmmm this was such a cute story....loved it ...muuuah...😀😘

  • Chalo... Kahi to.. Pyaar Kamiyaab Hay!! Baki to Saab aawey hay!

  • Jinko aan pyari ti.. wo qurbaan huye.. jinko jaan pyari thi wo musalman huye.

  • I have no problem with Christian Sikh bhuddhist.. Never a Muslim

  • Are phupo Jara kashmiri pandito per bi bolo Jo tum logo ne unke sath Kya Kiya kaise mar mar ker beghar kiya.muslims ke sath kuch ho Bharat ki her party her sanstha.her thekedar road per AA jate hai.per Hindu per kuch vi bolo kuch vi kero sab ki jaban per tale lag jate hai

  • Abhi abhi seperate huye hai..... Hindu Muslim issue Bhai...... Itna asaan Nahi hota

  • You guys are spreading same message to society that hatred exists between two religions ? Don't like it !

  • Nice one as always !! Hey man, what it takes to be an actor in your shows ☺️ Wish to be a part !!

  • Amazing. You guys are coming up with excellent stories and execution. Loved your work and looking forward to have more and more interesting movies and more of this. Like true stories......

  • पत्ते तभी तक हरे भरे रहते है जब तक वो पेड़ से जुड़े रहते है ur parents dear Indian

  • A hope.....coz I really don't know what is going to be happened.....

  • No comments,,,shhhh awsm

  • boy was muslim nd gal was hindu, so love story success hua. If boy was hindu and gal was muslim, ladke ki laash bhi nhi mila hota.. Some community is trying to brainwash the majority community. Dont fall into the trap...this all shown colorful love stories r fake. I m a ex-muslim who lived in muslim dominated area in Delhi... i kno their thinking and hv experienced it for myself muslims are ready to accept hindu wives or daughter in law..In fact they r told from childhood to spread their religion by this. But they would never accept hindu husbands or son in law..

  • Yes mazhab more than feelings

  • 8:23 Phuppi teri phoonk nikaal degi saale🤣🤣

  • Mazhab nhi sikhata aaps me baer rakhna...

  • Wow nice story It's mine story but it's no so easy fr parents to accept

  • एक मोहब्बत जो मजहब से ऊपर हैं।।।।


  • Good entertainment

  • I was thinking of their ages & text and all , means where they prematurely became Old , Look at the young couple talk & compare it with their old ones ; Do they have any similarity 🤔 (leave the intercaste - religion for sometime)

  • ahhh... this is my parents story...

  • Not possible..Hindu aur Muslim kabhi Bhai na biwi shohar hoskty h..mazak bana k rkha hai..

  • Mine also Excactly same same caste, religion but only tongue is different

  • South walo ko Hindi Kaha aata h..gumrah krte h ye log. Jo north se jaate h unlog ko jhelna parta h

  • Such a true and very beautiful story 🤗😘😍

  • It's not...easy .. specially in middle or lower middle class family.... In maximum case...either both lovers have to marry another person...or killed

  • This kinda shit plot are responsible for creating chaos in this pleasant world.

  • Prapti♥️

  • Don't get inspired by all these stories... Do it only if your parents accept it, because after you leave them they have to face the society.. maa baap k upper Kya beet ti hai wo b dikhao na.. do everything but don't cheat your parents... It's a biggest sin.

    • Well said nothing is more important than ur parents

  • Sooooo nyc 👌 👌👌 👌😘 😘

  • My all time favourite prapti di ❤❤❤

  • Just Another Love Story in not an another love story, deep meaning. Many claps for Just Another Love Story team, especially director Zain Anwar

  • mat bhulo ki aurangzeb jaisa darinda akbar jodha ka beta tha kisi terrorist ki maa bnne se achha h rakesh, dinesh modi, ki maa bnna inka koi bhrosa nhi

  • kya bolu yar muslim logo ka bhrosa nhi h kb tlak dekr raste pr chhod de hinduo ka ye bhrosa to h ki tlak se kharcha le skte h aao kbhi hmare sirsa me, hmare sirsa ki most of muslim ladkiya hinduo k sath bhag kr shadi kr rhi h nusrat ne shrma ji k ldke k sath shadi isliye kri kyoki uska shohar pregnent chhod kr tlak dekr kahi bhag gya tha,, aaj wo khush h

  • Its beautiful 😊

  • No Muslim women commenting below but Hindu ladkiyo ke comments Dekh lo because they are in such relationship with Muslims. Brahmin and bania girls are most selfish and money minded in reality. Brahmins and bania try to become great Infront of world but in reality nobody respects them .

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • 13:11 #bro 😍 loved it

  • excellent 👌👍

  • Mera pajama hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Itna bhi asaan nahin hota hai

  • Goosebumps agye end mein seriously. 😍😍😍😍happy ending.

  • Younger siblings are really ...are ye to mera pajama h 😁😁

  • For some reason the actress looks very familiar.

  • That "Arrey woh toh mera pajama h" was too funny. (12:01) Actually younger siblings aise hi hote h🤣🤣

  • Beautiful ❤

  • Nyc story .End kuch or aucha hota to aucha lgta

  • So sweet 🥰

  • I lost my love 😢

  • There are fights in arranged Marriages also. There are parents of the couple who want to get their children married but after the wedding they can't stand each other. So all these things don't matter. If you want to be with someone you really will be with them else you won't.

  • Boring

  • Us time pe mobile Kahan tha??

  • Nice story