Trump loses appeal over subpoena for tax returns

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 4 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2019
Federal appeals court rules Trump's tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports from the North Lawn. #FoxNews

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  • I still have to hear one valid answer to this question "if trump has nothing to hide why is he fighting so hard to keep his tax returns secret???" In order to get my current job i had to undergo a criminal and financial background check, including handing over my tax returns for the last 5 years. Most americans would gladly comply. And i can assure that my job has far less power than the POTUS.

  • FOX NEWS almost never cover this part of the game, would love hear them defend this

  • Trump is the most transparent president ever... except for the taxes, the full and complete transcript from the July Ukraine call and testimony at the impeachment hearings from his staffers. He's a crook and a liar

  • Where are all his Fox supporters in these comments?!??

  • Trump brags that he's a successful businessman, here's a chance to prove it. Warren Buffet offered up 40 years of returns, nothing to hide.

  • "i'd release my returns but their under audit"...what a lying scumbag conman trump is... now, he is going to the supreme court to hide more of his crimes from the american people..

  • Trump said he would release his returns back in 2015. This just proves he's a worthless liar and is hiding his financial background from the American public. Which is something I would absolutely expect from Trump.

  • He borrowed money from Russian banks when he was 92 million in debt. The reason why them is because all US banks would not. That's why he will NEVER say anything bad about Putin, Putin will let his secret out if he pisses him off. And that is why he will NEVER release his tax return. America, Your president has been bullshitting you all along, His supporters also. Trump has ALWAYS only cared about himself. Want proof? Look how he treats his friends if they just simply disagrees with him.

  • Trump is an abomination.

  • Finally some JUSTICE. What the hell this guy is CRYING for his tax returns? I'm sure Trump never pays any taxes and always lair in his tax returns.

  • America thrived before the IRS. Taxation is theft, particularly now they print money from thin air.

  • Glad the corporations used 80% of the tax cuts on buybacks (according to Moodys and S&P) and not on hiring more people, paying them better, using it on R&D, paying off debt and funding pensions...

  • I bet it showes dump hasnt paid any taxes corrupt lying baster.

  • Florida is closer to Epstein Island. Maybe he can hide there . Or Israel

  • Off the top of my head, Trump claimed they would be far too complex for us to understand, that he will hand them over at the right time, that he won’t turn them over until Hillary turns over her emails,that he’s the most transparent president,that he has nothing to hide....

  • Chop, Chop, chop. the Little Orange Mushroom is going down! Let's hope his next loss is in a criminal court. lol.

  • Hahahahahaha.. Deep breath... Hahahahaha. I'm jerking off to this news.

  • NO US President should be attacked and distracted like Donald Trump has experienced. A President has plenty to do and keep his mind and full efforts in doing the nations business. We should hope that the Supreme Court will agree. IF the President releases his tax returns there will be a never ending barrage of leaks, false stories and trying to make him out to be one of those ugly rich guys who does not pay his taxes like common people. Smear materials - not investigative material.

  • Where are the tax returns of Pelosi or Schiff or Hillary after she left the White House? You can bet they are secret.

  • All his returns will show is how much income he filed on and how much tax he paid. It doesn't disclose how much he has in assets.

  • Follow the money he'd rather get impeached than give up them tax returns

  • No winning...Just losing for Imbecile Trump....The most unpopular President ever....He is an Imbecile

  • Lying "Raving Lunatic" at it again

  • What happened to transparency? If you have nothing to hide...hide nothing🤓 very simple!

  • what did Al Capone go to prison for, the orange man is going to look good in a orange jumpsuit

  • Quick! he's making WAY to much money! get his tax returns so we can take it from him!

    • We should take every dime he made during his presidency.... Every tax cent spent on Trump Hotels we should take back.... It's over 110 million in tax payer profits for trump hotels so far, for hosting Trump at his own hotels.

  • President Trump is under constant audit. How ridiculous. Although that seems to be the whole kit and caboodle with democrats. Liars and ridiculous 3 yr old actions. A 3 yr old child is just as ridicul8ys.

  • All roads lead to Putin!

  • 1k% ridiculousness n very telling....if he wtd his financials to remain pvt he shld have stayed in the private sector.......You dnt run for public ofc n then attempt to keep important records pvt......UNLESS you have something to hide....his attorney has already explained this all these appeals are simply to run out the clock.....ummmm.....ya can run but u can not hide....he thinks this will all go away once he leaves ofc.........even if by some odd chance the supreme court rules in his favor.......this issue will not n believe b/c he has fought so hard to keep these records from becoming public.....the powers that be will be waiting the day he officially leaves ofc they will subpoena these same 8yrs of taxes....they are coming for him...n when he can no longer hide behind the ofc of POTUS....they are going to get him......He is very shady businessman with many skeletons in his closet n someone with mistresses, sexual assaults on women shld not have run for public ofc..

  • Look at all the trump supporting comments..... Almost all of them are newly created accounts with no history subs or anything on it.... I understand some accounts can be new accounts or accounts with nothing on it by chance.... But seriously like 90% of all trump supporting comments are all fake troll channels .....

  • Selling the DC hotel. Moving to a state with great policies on bankruptcy, real estate retention and protection from monetary civil penalties.... Hmmmm coincidence?? And he's closer, if he needs to stop by O.J.'s place to get advice on how to get away with it all.

  • Trump loses Kentucky. Loser.

  • And when the Supreme Court shut's this down the Democrats can pound sand, Trumps been in business 40 years if there was anything on his taxes they would have found it long ago this is just more BS by democrats to keep the idiots in their voter base appeased.

  • It’s so unfair! Anti American, anti conservative, anti white and anti Jesus.

  • He's hiding his tax fraud and how much money he is getting from Russian Mob .."Spoiler alert" oooops

  • Will someone give me the idiot explanation (non biased) what is going on?

  • and who is the judge in the highest court ????? is not Gersich

  • It’s no ones business to see his taxes. He’s so right he will show his taxes when Hillary shows her 33k emails, flash drives etc.

  • I want to see how taxes too

  • Trumnojmanozisori