MensXP | Write India Shorts | How Blue Is My Sapphire? Ft. Ankush Bahuguna & Prapti Elizabeth

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 22 ਅਗਸਤ 2019
Love can be quite hateful sometimes.
As part of our web series Write India Shorts, we converted 3 short stories into film. Enjoy...
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  • Human mind is complex

  • Blue footprints... Tooooo painful to see afterwords...

  • Made me cry....🙁 I hv a baby.. just going to be one year old this month... I left too cool job.... Just for the sake of my baby😘😘 She is above all...

  • People in Depression shouldn't be alone. They need to be around people who talks to them. Depression and loneliness needs help.😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • all that made me ponder about, mental health and seeking a therapist, is that how does one know he is actually into depression and he needs to opt for the above, as he is engrossed into own situations. There has to be second person who is monitoring him i.e. his well-being , or someone to whom he tells his updates trully (not just social-media uploads).

  • U guys make me cry n baby is so so adorable. Same like my daughter. Prapti n Ankush both justify the character.

  • Those small Footprints.... that depression level Great Work ! Its really not easy to come out of it.

  • Great work 👍

  • My heart stopped seeing the tiny footprints ending at the balcony...

  • Are bhai indians ho kuch to hindi aati hogi .netflix wala content nhi h .hmare liye hindi nhi h. Bna kiske liye rhe ho

  • What kind of irresponsible parents keep a gaping hole like that open with a toddler in the house 🙄

    • True yaar.. Leaving baby for a sec is risky bt leaving a gap like this when a baby is there at home is just foolishness..

  • Heart touching which makes each parent to be cautious.

  • omG 😯😯😯😯

  • I can never forgive myself as a father if something like this happens to me.

  • Superb yaar

  • 😢😢😢😢

  • What was the take away?

  • This is CARELESS PARENTING! What was that gaping hole doing in the balcony when they knew that their little one had already started walking? Recently I visited an old friend’s house in one of the high rises of G. Noida and happened to find the balcony railing unusually high. On being asked I was told that the elevation was done by him for the safety of his children.

  • What was the meaning of the story?

  • wonderful story

  • Boy was mad,idiot fellow

  • My eyes is full of tears now.

  • Got tears in my eyes

  • Wow that comment about psychiatrists is really obnoxious. Not watching any further, byeeeee.

    • @Halsey xxxo I'm not denying that a small part of it may be true. That doesn't mean the entire psychiatrist community should be slammed in such a way on such a platform. It can discourage people actually facing mental health problems from seeinh a therapist. A person doesn't become a psychiatrist after spending 8 and a half years in med school just to be called a high profile know it all idiot by someone he/she is only trying to help. That precisely is the problem with this country. Most people think of doctors as people whose only objective in life is to drain people of their wealth to be rich themselves.

    • Ain't that true in some way?

  • What is the story about..I didnt get it

  • Omg !!! What a story ! But this kind of carelessness is unbelievable !!

  • One of the best of you people..But the comment on psychiatrists is completely unnecessary ..How can you motivate people to consult therapist for mental illness with these lines .Be careful next time .

  • It was awesome 😊

  • Great story, direction and cinematography. It touched my heart :-)

  • Heart touching story with moral

  • Being a mother this video tuk my heart away , was in tears after the watch

  • Filled my heart....this was such a soulful piece of art...♥️

  • She looks like deepika padukone

  • therapist ko gaalian log tabhi dete hai when people need them the most...

  • You smoke? No..i kinda like living👍🏻

  • This video deserves more views

  • Can i say i just love this ❤️

  • "High profile know it all idiots like you" ??? "Ghar ke samne Audi" Was that really necessary? Did the therapist try to do anything other than help the 2 people concerned? On one hand you'll try to convince people facing mental health issues to go see a doctor/therapist and on the other hand you'll are unnecessarily verbally bashing them? Why would someone who actually looks up to influencers like Ankush, ever approach a doctor everytime he's suicidal? The story was good, would have been the same even without the vengeance against the doctor. Writer of the story didn't clear NEET is it?

    • i agreed to u too...but i think they played a role of typical indian middle class people who thought that therapists are all behind money and people who don't take mental health seriously but at the end of the day, they have to take help of the therapists after all.

    • Even I was angered when the lines came, but then I understood.

    • I agree with what you say, but this is a story, and according to it, it was their first date, and she didn't wanna let him know she was depressed, as he said she's a compulsive liar and she has been depressed since she was 13.

    • Raya 26 I second you totally. Saying a few mean words against the doc doesn't make any difference at all to the ending! Rather, it fueled up a few docs like me apparently.

  • Ankush is getting better and better at acting.. A great story and cinematography..

  • Don't bash doctors unnecessarily in the guise of a dumb character. Your entire narrative could have been fine without it. Seriously.

  • Ankush is a bahuguna...haha

  • One of my relative's child died just like Anna and that scene gave me goosebumps. how painful that time would be for the parents its unimaginable and what was more painful that everybody was blaming the mother, her neglect for a little moment cause that sever lose 💔

  • Only for prapti

  • How many memories do you have ?🙂 That's a perfect blend of Acting and Concept with a balanced medical condition. Nice piece.

  • Prapti Elizabeth

  • It's just awsm great 💞💞💞💞

  • Thik hai manta hu bache ke jaane ka dukh hota hai iska ye mtlv to nhi ki insan jina chor de thoda sa himmt krke ch*d ke dusra bacha nikal le tb uski kmi Puri ho jaaygi lekin kuch log us chij se nikalna hi nhi chahte hai usi ko leke baithe rhte hai

    • Aapko chod ke nikaala hoga .. no love no respect your father had for himself .. or his wife it seems ..warnaa aapke jaisi aulaad naheen hoti.

    • Its not that easy. Once you become a father you will understand it. Kids are always a weakness of their parents

  • Amazing story line

  • Beautiful

  • 1:55 she gave a Deepika Padukone look😘

  • Awsome guys... Great great work....

  • Reminded me of movie "talaash"

  • I hit the subscribed button.

  • I made my mother watch this video and she just cried watching this,this is a masterpiece ♥️

  • By far one of the best short movies I've ever seen

  • Beautiful

  • very deep content .. good work

  • I've read about "How Blue is my sapphire" before too. Intelligent piece.

  • what's with the sound of glasses colliding in the bg again and again....idk I noticed that way more than i should have and now it became irritating for me 😅

  • I literally got goose bumps.....mind blowin act💞💞💞