ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2018
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What a time to be alive...
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I’m a 23 year old kid living in Los Angeles. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick and a savage dog named Kong. This is my life.


  • love you logan

  • Chicago my city!

  • I really need him and Chloe to work it out.

  • Now this is good content

  • U ksi is not a man

  • I keep rewatching this video for the song . (Next teardrop fall) that version of the song I can't find anywhere else!!

  • Logan why didnt won over that bitch!!


  • I'm from Chicago

  • I live in Chicago

  • العربي لايك

  • Yes filmography💞

  • hola :3

  • dont @ me but im only here for chloe oop

  • im a chloe lovebot

  • chloe is my bby

  • hey that's nice with that girl to take you home you're a great gentleman can say one word can you take me home she just decided to take you out that's good hey if you're watching thank you then no one asked her if

  • OMG chicago is where i was born. But i was raised in arizona. so i finally get to see my home city :)

  • I was in Chicago a week before the video

  • when is the rematch of u and ksi

  • chloe is so pretty and you two look good together.

  • if you must, your upcoming future boxing fights should be at Vegas. it just makes sense. just don't get hit in the head 😟

  • You ever want to experience what it's like to be a white male in America Rent a jet ski

  • She lives in lake point tower

  • I’ve been to Chicago a lot and I’ve been to that stadium and you shows my ants building on camera

  • watching chlogan content all night long right now

  • Logen you know the bote part I’ve been true it and worst

  • look at that view at 1:59 it is so sexy

  • Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I was in this video I’m the kid with the grey and white stripped shirt at the cubs game

  • This was released on my birthday. I just realized that, and that was almost 9 months ago.

    • Happy birthday I know I am 1 day late

  • July 18th that’s my birthday wow how dare he do that on my birthday jk

  • One question how did him and her meet man

    • Valley girl

  • Simply the best vlog ever😁😎

  • Fuck the Logan go jake paulers

  • What song is played.....

  • 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 6:17 keep pressing and you will replenish your fucking soul

    • haha xD dude

  • You met my sister and my brother and there friend

  • Who else loves chicago

  • This is my favorite vlog Logan has ever made.

  • Hey my b day is on the 4th of july

  • I love Chicago. I go there at least 5 times a year since I live 4 hours away

  • Roses are red Violets r blue I just got click baited And so did u

  • My dad was doing some of the fireworks!

  • I live in Chicago plz come back!

  • God fu***** damit I live near Chicago and I didn’t see him *sigh I know this happened already and I know there not dating anymore

  • 5:28 you got a bumper on your yeti

  • Is maverick still alive 😶😢😥🤔😬I hope he is not if so R.I.P😭😢😢

  • Been looking for the song for 7 months thanks to shazam i finally found it haha Big John Hamilton - Before The Next Teardrops Falls

    • I fucking appreciate your work!!

  • the song at the start Big John Hamilton - Before The Next Teardrops Falls

  • This video could have been 1 second longer

  • My birthday is on July 17th and I can't wait to watch this on July 18th

  • Make the thumbs button blue if u like Logan Paul ⬇️

  • I like these types of vlogs

  • Omg the press conference is sooo close to my bday its july 18 and my bday is july 16

  • Beat that idiot 💪😂

  • Did you both broke up?

  • Vlogs todays? ?

  • The only reason that ski punched Logan was because Logan pinched Kai in the head

  • I saw his xxx tape with Chantel Jeffreys