MensXP: Types Of Smokers We All Know | Types Of People While Smoking

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2018
MensXP presents types of smokers!
The kanjoos guy who never wants to share his smokes or the person who stress-smokes all the time, which type are you? :P
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  • I'm a maalbro

  • why is iceburst used in most part of this vid? xDD

  • These asses have undoubtedly no idea of fun

  • I am Mexican and I like these guys. Very funny. Hope they make more.

  • It is very difficult to quit smoking.pata nhi maine kaise kar liya.

  • I'm NEWBIE

  • Guys achha laga.

  • 2:26 the sutta floats

  • 1:15 music name?

  • The Nazis were the first ever people in modern history to start an anti-smoking and tobacco movement.

  • Nice video

  • K

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, the titles in english, the video should be too

  • Chutiyapa

  • anyone else watching while smoking a cigarette?

  • Zain

  • kya dekh liya be ....maza aa gi

  • its a very stupid concept,#reported!

  • 3:41 that's me😂😂

  • What language are they speaking. Its like english Indian Japanese.

    • They're talking in Hindi 🤣

  • They all tuff with cigarretes🚬😂😂

  • Ek baar exam meh pura subject me paas hojaunga toh pakka xordungi😂😂

  • Now a day I smoke like 8 cigarette and I am so kanjus haha

  • 1:12 y does this happen ahaha

  • Say no❌ to Tabacoo. WEED rulezzz

  • Smoking is a chemical addiction in brain if you want to quit smoke you need anti additional drugs because chemical addiction kills by chemical only

  • Right now I am craving for cigarette.. Maal bra...advance

  • I like smoking 9988119568

  • smoker hit a like 😉

  • I am a Non smoker The most badass one

  • This is what Indian tech support does in their free time...make PAtorrent videos, lol

  • Why the f*** is this on my recommendation list

  • Fix your English

  • I lose my lighter too.

  • That first one is me!

  • Bidi>> cigarette

  • What language are they speaking?

  • Laundiyo ke muh se gaali achi nhi lagti Aisa lagta hai zabardasti de rhi hai

  • It's hilarious how this suggestion came after guardians report that cigarette companies are paying influencers to promote cigarette , in places where putting ads and marketing are illegal , thanks mensxp to show who's side you are on :)

  • Quitting smoking is very easy I do it every 30 minutes

  • I am tumse na ho payega, bc sutta hi nhi jlta

  • Eating food with trans fat, eating too much food which has saturated fat,eating too much sweets, drinking too much cold drinks etc These things are also as bad as smoking, tobacco and drinking.

  • I just hide my lighter or matches somewhere so that it does not gets stolen because when you wana light the cigaratte and its not available it is quite irritating

  • 2:30 she has a punchable face

  • I am the quiter

  • I heard like when you smoke your heart hurts.please do not smoke it cause cancer.

  • Remove mukesh ad in movies

  • Sala mukesh ka ad hatao movies beginning bohot annoying hai

  • Yr video was actually pathetic

  • Bc is such a sexist abuse and when girls say it, it is even more demeaning -

  • Great line #ShivJiKyaSochenge

  • Yah!

  • I'm a under 19 smoker😝😋.

  • How u people are advertising... really it's great

  • Kanjoos bhai apna bhai

  • Smokers ki maa ki chut🖕

  • Budhisjudsijidhidbishbidbishishidibhid

  • I don't smoke...

  • I love smoking

  • my first PAtorrent comment