Geeta Phogat | Babita Kumari | Dangal | Full Interview | Aamir Khan Quiz | Salman Khan

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 19 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2016
In this Bollywood Hungama Exclusive Interview with Content Head Broadband, Faridoon Shahryar, the real ‘Dangal’ girls, talk about Aamir Khan, ‘Dangal’ and a lot more. Geeta shares her excitement of Aamir Khan attending her wedding and how it can’t get better than this. Babita reveals the preparations that are going on at the house for Geeta’s wedding. They both also share their opinion about the AMAZING trailer of ‘Dangal’. The duo talks about the scenes that are in the promos and songs comparing with the real ones happened in their life. They also play a Hungamedaar quiz of 'How Well Do You Know Aamir Khan'. Check out to know which of the both fighters managed to surpass other in this competition. Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari gets into a rapid fire mode ans make interesting comments on Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Sultan, Rang De Basanti and a lot more. They talk about Sakshi Tanwar playing role of their mother in the film. They also share some inspirational thoughts and things they go through before going to a fight. Must
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  • sikho kuch in sisters se apne ko syllabus se zyada movies k characters aur dialogues yad h, barbad ho jana ek din cinema k chakkar me.

  • both are great

  • gita & babita we proud of you ! Keep it up

  • gita & babita we proud of you ! Keep it up

  • gita & babita we proud of you ! Keep it up

  • Nyc geeta and babita bhagwan ki kirppa appke uper hmesha rhe

  • Luv you sister


  • Babita look like bruce lee

  • U r very lucky champ Girls. Jo apko aise parents mile. Kaash mujhe b aise hi milte parents.

  • Bharat mata ki jai So proud geeta & babita

  • Geeta babita both are so so beautiful and sweet

  • Love u babita

  • Why should atlhete kNow about film star with due respect to Amir Khan? Quiz theme was wrong...These athletes are heroes in real unlike movie stars...Would have been more apt if quiz was on sports or wrestling specific..

  • Great Phogat family

  • Help me.. translate to indonesian language.. please.. :)

  • Please add english subtittle :)

  • 👍👍👍💞

  • BABITA KUMARI ji is very simple and very cute...😍😍😘😘 Love you...

  • I love the film. Thank you Nitesh Tiwari ji for making this movie.

  • "Amir Khan poore duniya mein jaane jaate hain!"!!? What the F yaar! Un ladkiyon ke wajah se hi aaj wo 'aise' jaana jaata hai!😬 Faaltu ka saara credit khud hi le lena hai!😤

  • Y r u asking about movies? We all very well know they do not watch movies often.

  • dowe wrestler bed tod duge .

  • We are proud all of you Geeta & Babita

  • good and sweet girls

  • proud to be ...keep it up for future

  • bapu labhdayak hota h

  • Geeta Phogat must work for women development in India and Govt. of India should help her because girl birth not welcomed in many places in India. - via YTPak(.com)

  • prout to be a father of my litter angels thanks to Mr phogat

  • great job

  • great job

  • But I don't know why the movie focus is only on geeta....about her career only Why babita's achievements are not shown

  • Looks like they don't watch much movies... Thsi shows their dedication to their sport n career 👍

  • always respect women

  • who else dint skip the ad

  • I like babita she is very hot

  • God bless both of them! Every Indian can take inspiration from them. Even after reaching the stage where they are now, they are very humble. And thanks to the movie "Dangal" that a lot of people who didn't know them before, now do. I pray that they win much more medals for the country.

  • So proud of you girls 💪🏼and you are so lucky to have such a supporting father

  • these sisters are awsmmmm.......n babita is to sweet n innocent.....

  • I salute that father .